near [nir]
[ME nere < ON & OE: ON nær, near (orig. compar. of nā-): OE near, nearer, compar. of neah, NIGH]
1. at or to a relatively short distance in space or time [summer draws near]
2. relatively close in degree; almost: now usually nearly [near right]
3. closely; intimately
4. Rare in a stingy manner
1. close in distance or time; not far
2. close in relationship; akin
3. close in feelings, desires, etc.; close in friendship
a) close in degree; narrow [a near escape]
b) almost happening [a near accident]
5. on the left side, facing forward: said of an animal in double harness, a wagon wheel, etc.: opposed to OFF1
6. short or direct [take the near way]
7. stingy; niggardly
8. somewhat resembling; approximating [a near likeness]
at a relatively short distance from in space, time, degree, etc.; close to [towns near the border, the hours near midnight]
vt., vi.
to come or draw near (to); approach
near at hand
very close in time or space

English World dictionary. . 2014.


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